"US Cars Easily Imported" is part of MiMo export LLC in Tampa, Florida, and a specialist for importing any kind of vehicle from the United States, especially passenger cars, but also US school buses, food trucks, motorbikes, motorboats, etc.

Our company has been in the export business since 2005 and focuses on vehicle imports to Germany and Europe. The team led by CEO Michael Christoph Mittag has a wealth of experience. The meticulous inspection of all vehicles on the spot including test drives; comprehensive German language support for customers by the same contact person throughout the whole project; ongoing status updates - all this translates to a high degree of safety and transparency for our customers. All types of vehicles are transported and shipped directly from Florida.

At home in both countries

Since we are rooted both in the US and in Germany, we offer German thoroughness combined with American negotiating skills. To the great benefit of our customers, we are also familiar with the relevant legislation in the US and in Germany.

Vehicle import specialist

Years of experience
The same German contact person throughout the project
Thorough inspection of all vehicles in the US
Transparency at all times and status updates
High degree of security for your vehicle import

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