Full-service package for importing US vehicles

Are you dreaming of an American car or vintage car? Would you like to offer American cars at your dealership? Are you an importer and want to quickly and safely arrange the import of cars from the United States? Then you have come to the right place. "US Cars Easily Imported" takes care of everything. We work with private and commercial customers and have teams on the ground in the United States and in Germany.

From searching for the right vehicle to delivering to your doorstep: our full-service package comprises eight steps that cover every stage of your vehicle import and ensure a smooth and successful execution as well as cost transparency.

What distinguishes US Cars Easily Imported from other providers?

You only deal with one contact person throughout the whole project. We will assist you every step of the way: from vehicle purchase to doorstep delivery. We keep you informed: you’ll know what’s happening to and the whereabouts of your purchased vehicle at all times. In addition, we thoroughly inspect each vehicle so that you know exactly what you are buying. We are at home on both the US and German markets and understand all legal and formal requirements. A German team ensures smooth sailing.

Easily import US cars with our eight-step service package


Vehicles search

If you haven’t already found a vehicle yourself you can send us a query regarding a specific car via our online form. We will then start looking and usually be able to come up with a suitable offer pretty quickly.


Review of offers

We scrutinize all information provided by the seller. We will talk to the seller to fill in the blanks and request additional images or video footage in order to get an accurate impression of the vehicle’s condition.


Inspection of vehicles

In case you are interested in the offer we will pay the the owner a visit and examine the vehicle very carefully: is the paperwork complete? Have all flaws been documented? Is the vehicle identification number (VIN) correct? We then forward all details to you.


Purchase transaction

We take care of the complete purchase transaction, draw up the purchase agreement and handle the money transfer. We will also check whether all documents have been issued correctly and are valid. By the way, we will gladly provide escrow services for customers that have decided to buy from another provider.


Transport to the port

There’s no time like the present. We will arrange for the vehicle’s transport from the seller to the port warehouse right after finalizing the purchase.



We are on-site at the port to ensure everything runs smoothly. We take care of loading, customs clearance at the port and shipping.


Customs clearance at the port of destination

We will pick up your vehicle at the port of destination and take care of the complete customs clearance regarding the vehicle import.


Transport to your doorstep/to final destination

When all formal requirements have been dealt with, delivery can proceed. We take care of transport to the place of destination and will deliver your car to your doorstep.

Don’t take any chances and hire the specialists for importing cars from the United States. We can’t wait to meet you!


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